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15 February 2011 @ 02:36 pm
Yesh! We Caught Each Other!!  
Okay, a kind of an update. Again, no story since we haven't really caught each other until TODAY!! *clap clap throws confetti*

Unnie and I finally managed to catch each other!! We're chatting during the time this is being typed up and we're trying to work out schedule times when we can catch each other!! So hopefully our collab or something can come up soon.

Unnie is totally sorry because we did try to catch each other but we never could due to schedule conflicts and stuff. We love each and every one of our readers and we should get the prologue up sometime this month, maybe early March. Hopefully not anytime later. We're also super grateful that you decided to stick around even though we haven't posted anything. And in my case, to my own journal either. I tell you Poetry which is what I'm doing in my creative writing class is killing my muse. yeah....

Anyways, We're so thankful that you people decided to stick around and I hope we can bring stuff forward in the future. ^^

We love you all for being so gosh darn patient with us. ^^


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