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20 October 2020 @ 10:10 pm
Welcome to this page you er....weary traveler who has come this livejournal page~~ Although it looks like one account, there is actually 2 people running this. Kurokitsune09, who shall henceforth be identified by Jonghyun icons/Userpics and Yaisa_Forehba, who shall be identified by the usage of Minho Icons/userpics.

Well, the two of us happen to be two JongHo fans who just well, clicked online and we're collaborating on a variety of fics with ranging genre's and pairings. Our focus most of the time shall be JongHo though. I think...we have quite the range of OTPs after all so yeah...

ONTO INTRODUCTIONS ~ (cuz I dun' wanna bore you with worthless stuff ^^)

Name/ALIAS: Pelin, Yaisa_Forehba
Date of Birth: 1988, April 26th
Location of Residence: Europe, Germany
TimeZone: UTC+1:00 (So Unnie will be on when I'm not)

Name/ALIAS: Daria/Vicky, Kurokitsune09
Date of Birth: 1991, February 15th
Location of Residence: USA, Colorado
TimeZone: GMT-7:00 (So When Unnie's not on, I am lol)

Obviously, we are in different timezones so should certain stories come out slower than like they should, please do understand that we have to try to catch each other at times that aren't really super late or really super early for either party.

Sooo....with that said, We'd love it if you friended us mkay? Or even Stalk us. Cause then you like us right? But if you do stalk, could you leave a comment? Just so we can see who loves us? ^^


NAME/ALIAS: (real name isn't necessary)
DATE OF BIRTH: (Just the year is fine. We want to know how to address you in messages and stuff)
LOCATION OF RESIDENCE: Because we plan on stalking you. XDDD
TIMEZONE: Curiosity
WHERE DID YOU FIND US?: Just cause I can ask lol
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20 August 2011 @ 07:23 pm
Okay, So we disappeared for months i think in our last post but it's cool. ya know, we're alive. People who follow our journals probably know that. we've been having some issues with life and the like ya know and family visits and school is starting again personally for me (Vicky) but we'll be looking over all of our old planning for the stories and we'll give you another update when we figure out what we were doing and where we are going okay? ^^

~See you all. 
Kitsune_Forehba (Kurokitsune09/Vicky/Daria) posting.


random side note: man i love infinite XDDD
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15 February 2011 @ 02:36 pm
Okay, a kind of an update. Again, no story since we haven't really caught each other until TODAY!! *clap clap throws confetti*

Unnie and I finally managed to catch each other!! We're chatting during the time this is being typed up and we're trying to work out schedule times when we can catch each other!! So hopefully our collab or something can come up soon.

Unnie is totally sorry because we did try to catch each other but we never could due to schedule conflicts and stuff. We love each and every one of our readers and we should get the prologue up sometime this month, maybe early March. Hopefully not anytime later. We're also super grateful that you decided to stick around even though we haven't posted anything. And in my case, to my own journal either. I tell you Poetry which is what I'm doing in my creative writing class is killing my muse. yeah....

Anyways, We're so thankful that you people decided to stick around and I hope we can bring stuff forward in the future. ^^

We love you all for being so gosh darn patient with us. ^^


Vicky/Daria/Kurokitsune09/One-Half of Kitsune_Forehba && Pelin/Unnie/Yaisa_Forehba/Other Half of Kitsune_Forehba ^^
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20 January 2011 @ 06:02 pm
 Okay, so I totally feel awful that we haven't posted a thing yet here and we really have been meaning too but Pelin-unnie and I seem to have hit a road block and a really friggin giant wall over break I think. Or at least, maybe just me personally. *shakes head*

But yea...school just started again for me on the 18th so, officially, 2 days ago my time (again, GMT). Unnie, I've been told started school last week so I haven't been able to contact her either. And we ARE EIGHT HOURS APART. I never catch her and I dun' think she really catches me either. *cries*

But We are totally alive. Jus' gotta get back into the swing of things I think. I personally haven't had time to really read anything except for maybe a short story or something so yeah....I'll be busy for a while.

So I'm sorry that this isn't that story I'm sure you're all hoping for but I jus' wanted you all to know that we are indeed alive. Probably swamped with stuff and life, but we are alive.

I love you all for being so gosh darn patient with us. ^^


Vicky/Daria/Kurokitsune09/One-Half of Kitsune_Forehba
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